Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Whose miles are you using in order to issue the tickets?

A. We have a list of sellers, who have agreed to sell us their miles. All of our mileage holder's are pre-screened and are completely informed about the mileage transaction. Jet Set Travel Services NEVER uses miles that are stolen or are of questionable origin.

Q. How do I receive my tickets?

A. Depending upon your individual itinerary, your ticket(s) may be issued electronically or as paper ticket(s). If they are issued electronically, you should receive them within 48 hours. Electronic tickets are sent to you via email or fax, or via U.S. Postal Service by request. Paper tickets are typically delivered within 7-10 business days unless an expedite is required, which in that case, you will receive the ticket(s) within 24-72 hours. Paper tickets will be delivered to you via Fed Ex Overnight Shipping at no expense to you.

Q. What are the restrictions on the tickets?

A. Tickets are good for travel for up to one year from the date of issue. Typically date and time changes may be made with no additional charges, whereas routing changes are subject to additional airline change fees. Tickets are both non-refundable and non-transferable.

Q. Is buying tickets issued using frequent flyer miles legal?

A. Purchasing airline award tickets issued with frequent flyer miles IS legal. Despite various airline policies discouraging the purchase of airline award tickets, there is no Federal or State law prohibiting their sale, (Utah State law being the exception). Please contact our office if you need further information.

Q. What is your policy regarding cancellations?

A. During our initial search for availability, you may cancel your order with us at any time. However, once you have agreed to purchase the ticket(s) for a specific reservation and the ticket(s) has been issued, cancellations are not permitted. It is possible to travel on an award ticket within one year from the date of issue, so you may rebook your dates/times/destinations to accomadate your needs. New dates and times will be dependant upon what's available, and changes in routing are subject to airline change fees. If you have any additional questions regarding our policies, please contact our office during business hours.

Q.Why should I work with Jet Set Travel Services?

A. Jet Set Travel Services is commited to providing you with the highest standard of personalized and professional assistance. We are a highly qualified and experienced team directing our efforts towards one goal, customer satisfaction. Our uncompromising commitment to our clients is why most of our clients build long lasting business relationships with us, and continue to refer their friends and associates to us. Jet Set Travel Services is a licensed seller of travel registered with the Attourney General, and a proud member of the Better Business Bureau.


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